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17 Twentyone Holdings

Round?the?clock services to learners in primary and secondary schools as well.

Tel: 0719101622

Akulalwa Media Pty Ltd

Akulalwa Media is an entertainment company that is committed in delivering the high quality service and strives in connecting the community with the lifestyle needs. We offer services like Graphic design, Photography, Events marketing and Deejay management.

Tel: 0720810657

Alex Industries

Manufacturing of bicycles

Tel: 0836763454

Alex Industries

Manufacturing of bicycles

Tel: 0836763454

Boikhutso Construction

Designing and manufacturing of a safety construction vest using air based technology to minimise fatalities in construction

Tel: 0793439485

Botshelo Barona TechNet Innovation Pty Ltd

Development of a system that monitors and dictated water intake for students in disadvantaged schools to ensure balanced nutritional diet

Tel: 0768628399

Buhle buhle events

Buhle buhle events is a fruit Juice manufacturing company that produces indegenous nutrious healthy Juices, it is born out of the need to produce qaulity and healthy food.

Tel: 0670274334

Busisiwe Dineo Ndlovu

Setting up a market place for previosly, disavantaged woman to learn how to design and manufacture furniture using recyclable material.

Tel: 0612316145

Cebisizwe Green Power

Development of educational programmes and systems/products for the green industry

Tel: 0739256643

Clifford Mahlomotje T/A Varsity Fresh

A web-based / mobile application recruitment agency creating and utilizing virtual and digital Curriculum Vitae's for job seekers on their database.

Daily J Chess

Social enterprise that aim at enriching the lives of the children and the youth through chess by equipping both the children’s and the youth in our communities with skills that will play a vital role towards academic, social and recreational commitments, as well as facilitating collaborations and strategic partnerships.

Tel: 0783380672/ 0797999567

DZG Technologies Pty Ltd

Manufacturing and distribution of energy efficient solar powered traffic lights and contruction board signages.

Tel: 0736842570 | 0658654930

Eddies Mobile Kitchen

Manufacturing of customized food/office trailers

Tel: 0813404446

ET Ventures

School based travel and tour agent that will coordinate all educational field trips.

Tel: 0735430392


Development of a mobile application that will assist the community and health care facilities account for time spent servicing patients and patient attendance turnaround time.

Tel: 0738461070

Gavin Johan Majola

Development of a security device that protects a vehicles computer box from third party/device communication. This solution will also come with an inter connected mobile app feature that will assist vehicle owners track and trace their cars.

Gerald Thabiso Mathibe

Development of a mobile application that will assist both the JMPD and community with all motor vehicle related accidents.

Tel: 0618457106

Gomotsegang Perseverence Moroke

Development of a system that monitors and dictated water intake for students in disadvantaged schools to ensure balanced nutritional diet

Tel: 0768628399

Hill Properties and Green Innovations

Development and installation of a bi-digester system as means of an alternative energy source for households an businesses in South Africa.

Tel: 0734083331

Jelo Creatives

establish global collaborations that will enable us to create content that will educate and unite the all different types of nationalities in a world where their unique cultures can be celebrated unreservedly.

Tel: 0828629806

Jovial Productions Pty Ltd

Jovial Production is a fruit Jam and Marmalade manufacturing company that produces indegenous nutrious healthy Jams and Marmalades, it is born out of the need to produce qaulity and healthy food.

Tel: 0715670788

Long Amo Technet nnovations

Based on market reseach ,our sollution can help a lot of children in unprevilaged backrounds whose parents are working class and want the best for their children who are victimized by sorroundings that have a high negative influence,such as drugs,alcohol, rape and teenage pregancy,which causes a lot dropouts,approximately 7000 students in SA within the academic year,we have already started with the development of an application for interaction between rape victims and social workers,which ensures discreet,and connects the victims with the emergency response teams.

Tel: 0625803572

M Networks

M Networks want to be a trend setting company in the IT industry with their ever innovative designs at affordable prices and provide the best services to all outheir clients no matter how big or small they are, become innovative designers in websites design, To provide the affordable price to our clients, To provide our clients with the best and professional services

Tel: 0791354676

Mabjoko Concepts

A home to dynamic world shaking ideas and concepts that not only reshape the landscape of Southern Africa but Africa’s infrastructure and development, covering areas in both tangible and virtual spaces. Aimed at closing the gap by introducing brand new invention solutions and innovative patches across the continent.

Tel: 078 851 1429 or 081 730 5541

Madida Cosmetics

Madida Cosmetics manufactures perfumes for ladies and men

Tel: 0712832317

Matsoshe Digital

Offers a wide range of services withing the ICT industry. Graphic and web design services, IT systems maintenance and Database design and development are a few amongst many services offered by the company

Tel: 0664132088


Company will establish an online tutoring platform that will provide round?the?clock services to learners in primary and secondary schools as well.

Tel: 0769452164


Development of a stock control system/software that will assist warehouses keep control of stock.

Tel: 0790438687

Mthokozisi Zwane

Development of a cloud based medical system that will assist patients and doctors retrieve patient medical and priscription records anywhere, anytime. This solution is aimed at monitoring prescription intake and eae of access to patients past treatment records.

MYCloud Business Consultants

Designing and maintanance of web based marketing platform

Tel: 0826639217

Naomi Mamakiri Fashion Design

NMFD bridges modern and traditional designs and fabrics through a permanent research of innovative, even audacious, choice of solutions for all the situations, from day-to-day to special circumstances and red/black events. NMFD uses of skin-friendly material mainly in, but not limited to, traditional and African designs

Tel: 0829008990

Onkemetse Matlhaku

Various solution provision through IT and multimedia platforms. The company creates educational, fine art crafts content using virtual reality programmes.

Phumlani Swaartbooi

Manufacturing and distribution of energy efficient solar powered traffic lights and contruction board signages.

Pro-Skin Cosmetics

Pro-Skin is a natural Cosmetics company which provides affordable Natural Eco friendly cosmetics to people. Pro-Skin’s range of innovative products gives everyone the opportunity to have a healthy skin thus looking and feeling good about them selves. Many years ago, indigenous African people used aloe e.g. (Halibhoma) and other natural plants to heal and maintain their skin so that it looks good.

Tel: 0633162046


App based local food and parcel delivery services in and around Sandton.

Tel: 0820724942 | 0735373213

Rasy Inovative Hub

Development of an interactive medical system pill carrier that monitors pill intake and records through an application

Tel: 0629947513

Research on Kosmos Energy Systems/Ekorsystems

Development of the intersection of emergent technologies and media creating a virtual and mix reality application that deliver simulated worlds that students can interact with to aid their learning.

Tel: 0603110834

Secure Core Security Services

Development of a security device that protects a vehicles computer box from third party/device communication. This solution will also come with an inter connected mobile app feature that will assist vehicle owners track and trace their cars.

Tel: 0781719195

Sikelelwa Ndiweni

Development and installation of a bi-digester system as means of an alternative energy source for households an businesses in South Africa.


A mobile application that allows taxi commuters to interact and keep up to date with the industry. This application will show you taxi routes, fares and signs.

Tel: 0762873125


SmartWash is an online Laundry services in which our customers book which Laundry service they would prefer and set pick-up and drop-off points. It is convenience laundry service at its best.

Tel: 0832380476

Sotez Manufacturing

SM manufacture Kiddies’ backpacks that are like no other, backpacks that are made from top notch denim material which prolongs the life span of our bags providing our clients with quality backpacks which is value for money and our items come customised with the child’s name for easy identification. Our product is like no other.

Tel: 0765193512

T and F Printing Pty Ltd

Designing customers cups,plates, key holders,bags and t.shirts by using their phones to print.

Tel: 0846401087

The Positron Holdings

Positron Holdings aim to use energing technologies to address economic, social and environmental problems faced by country daily with the Application to help vendors community with their customers on a regular basis and grow their customer base.

Tel: 0612071560
emmanuel mareme ; Milaan Mashele <3y3open@gmail.com>

Thebe Event Creations

supplyng of deco to different events from weddings, babyshowers, promotions/ activations, road shows and corporate gigs, provide the service.

Tel: 0834263637

Thulani Vincent Mathebula

Manufacturing of a smart plug that uses motion detactor sensors to control usage of appliances

Tel: 0766500353


Development of a cloud based medical system that will assist patients and doctors retrieve patient medical and prescription records anywhere, anytime. This solution is aimed at monitoring prescription intake and ease of access to patients past treatment records

Tel: 0710548202

Triple desire trading and projects

Development of a prepaid point of sale meal system for resturants. This technology willl enable individuals and business to buy meals for others across town/provinces.

Tel: 0744139131 | 0767553802

Vox Wear

Seting up design shops in schools and manufacturing and supplying of school uniforms and stationery.

Tel: 0718432807

Wali Street

Setting up a market place for previosly disavantaged woman to learn how to design and manufacture furniture using recyclable material.

Tel: 0612316145

Wekozi T/A Izey Inc

Desigining and manufacturing of a stress relief music pillow. This pillow can be used in homes, clinics and by individuals to destress.

Tel: 0611810424

Wise to Examples

A water saving solution in a form of bulk washing system for the community of Alexandra

Tel: 0784327527

Zan Group Holding

Desigining of a secure banking system software that will help reduce cellphone related fraud.

Tel: 0729638748

Aero buddies

The company has a new concept in science and maths education, using aviation themed flight simulators to teach students these challenging subjects in an existing way.

Battery The Brand

Battery is a youthful up and coming clothing brand for young people. The exciting range of apparel is inspired by the rising youthful culture in townships. The company has been mainly a design house and outsourcing the making of the apparel. Its growth is to, acquire the equipment and hire seamstresses to handle the sewing and micro scale production line. make active clothing and urban street wear and they also do fitness and entertainment events.

Eco Finesse

The Company manufactures and supplies health and hygiene products. For example; hand and body lotion, hair products and hand sanitizer.

I Am Emerge (Pty) Ltd

I am Emerge (Pty) Ltd is a creative agency that specializes in creative concepts derived from observing trends in customer living and society, they create access to township markets through their app vuleka that aggregate bulk purchase for spaza shops.

Iets'ene Designs

Jewellery design and manufacturing

Kkart Core (Pty) Ltd

Arts and Crafts

Ko Portter Art Design

Arts and Crafts

Macingwane Jewelery

The priority is to minimise the gap between World Standard Commercial Jeweller and African Jewellery by utilising the innovative AutoCAD and Hand-crafting Goldsmithing skills and be the best Youth Owned Business in Africa

Mzansifyd Take-Aways Ads

Mzansifyd Take-Aways Ads is a standardised take-away food packaging company for township fast-food outlets that doubles as a consumer advertising medium.

Njinjicom Pty (Ltd)

Njinjicom Pty (Ltd) specializes in supplying uncapped internet solutions to clients and companies.

Paks Audio

Design (including research), manufacture and commercialisation of high quality audio equipment for home entertainment, professional, commercial and recreational applications that is competitive with internationally acclaimed high end brands is limited, and in some cases, non-existent in South Africa.

Perfect White

Perfect White is a digital printing media.

Pheko Solutions

Mapheu is importing Moringa products from India, repacks and sell to South African market. The products are Moringa oils, soaps, powders. Curently the business is using direct marketing strategy. The plan is to use the same strategy as Avon, selling through the networking platforms.

Pixel Crayon Media

The company is ran by two talented graphic designers is solving a brand and visual illustrations for township formal businesses by using graphic representations bringing their brand status and marketing on par with other businesses. The company also does architectural designs

Pride Trinity

Siphiwe has been working for different advertising agencies in the past. With the experience he has gained he decided to start his business. However he has decided to target name brands that are aimed for the township market. Siphiwe is planning to create rooftops and ad strips. Currently he has just signed two clients for branding.

Sechi Makole

Sechi Makole Tradings manufactures and sells Domestic chemicals (pine gel, dishwashing soap, handy Andy etc); (2) Industrial chemicals (degreasing foam, pre-construction soil poisoning treatment); (3)Agricultural (grass and weeds fumigation, structural pest and hemicedes control) and water treatment chemical.

Tshatshu Brands (Pty) Ltd

Tshatshu Brands (Pty) Ltd develops and manufactures detergent products for household and industrial application.

Batho ba Rona Oil

There are three used oil re-refiners in Gauteng and all of them do not provide a service whereby small waste generators are not catered for. They have huge 9 000L- 17 000L trucks that it’s virtually impossible for the trucks to collect at townships or smaller waste oil generators. It does not make business sense. We provide our customers with a safe and certified waste oil collection and hazardous waste spill clean ups. We also provide storage tanks and on-the-go waste oil collection when it is full.


Producing Bio-diesel

Don Tesco

Don Tesco produces organic sauces

Elliot Mash System

Software development: To craete an Uber-type service for shopping. Instead of a traditional de;livery company, providers signed up can collect and drop off goods to specified address.

Entle Kreative Solutions

Entle Kreative Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a prospering SME breaking barriers in the branding and information technology industry, founded in 2014. We offer a variety of services that are essential to any business entity. From corporate branding, information technology, and catering services. We are client centric and we aim to deliver quality services and products at all times.

Epolymer SA

Epolymer seeks to manufactures industrial plastic and steel pipes.

JumpQueue pty Ltd

Our innovation is an integrated mobile application that enables commuters to re-loading smart card for bus and train rapid transit systems, purchase events/sports etickets online using the actual funds in the bank. Commuters can check card balances and receive updates, locate their bus/train position and time using their smart phone.

kanvas Arts

Kanvas Arts is ownewd and run by two fine artists. They produce artwork and train students. Their core business is Sneaker customisation made from affordable canvas shoes they purchase in bulk.

Kea-Nthabi's African design

Kea Nthabi produces African culturally inspired jewellery. The business has closed a shop at OR Tambo but seeks to open another. Clients include both lovcal and international buyers.

Kedibone Mavis Mokgolomotho

shoe designer and manufactuing

Kwins Technologies

Kwins Technologies is a multimedia solutions and development company in the world of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), offeringmultimedia products such as WEB DEVELOPMENT & DESIGN, GRAPHICS DESIGN, Animation, SEO SERVICES (Search Engine Optimization), UI DESIGN, UX DESIGN branching to Gamification and education.?

Mahaba Solutions

Health care mobile app

Mi Brand Trading and Projects

Mi Brand produces hygiene chemical products and toilet paper.

Mokoma TMPC

Trolley manufacturing: The company manufactures, repairs and maintains both light and heavy duty shopping trolleys for the retail grocery market. The production line now includes fresh produce display shelving.

Muphys Enterprise Company

The company offers household cleaning services to the middle and upper class market. The services include general cleaning and specialised cleaning of gutters and ovens.

Muphys Enterprise Company

The company offers household cleaning services to the middle and upper class market. The services include general cleaning and specialised cleaning of gutters and ovens.

Occasions Net

The company is an insurance brokerage outfit offering life and funeral cover. The busines and the owner is fully registered and licenced for all its services.

Oluchi Training Solutions

The company offers training to mainly the manufacturing sector.

Oreneile Property Consultants

This company offers Property Valuations and assessments. Their target market is companies and individuals seeking the actual value of properties to ascertain the value. They also offer this service to municipalities for Rates Adjustment.

Rabotho communications

social enterprise business

Shea Glory

Shea Glory produces hand, body and hair creams using organic pure butter. The hair butter is made to order using a special formulation.

SS Plus Projects

producing washing soap

Thabang Mafela

Thabiso Mokone

Utopia Day Spa

Mobile Day spa


ValioMaid is an ice-cream reseller through independent distributors. Currently the business seeks o start manufacturing its own products to increase profit margins and create jobs.

Advanced mathematics tutors

The company provides tutoring services to Grade 11 & 12 in Maths, add unique ways such as using animations and graphics

Avita Mining Innovations (Pty) Ltd


The company intends to develop a mobile application to replace physical queuing with virtual queue at any queuing incidents in the country, such as banks,government and traffic departments, medics and public transports


The company is developing a water harvesting tank which users can connect to the roof gutters to store water. The next phase of the product is to extend it to connect with utility systems in household to facilitate re-use of grey

Impandi Industry

Company intends to develop a mobile application used to record medical background and results for improving correct distribution of prescription to patience

Jacob Shimane Sako

The company produces a wide range of baby skin products which are intended to be more gentle on the skin of babies and infants.

Jacques Bosman

The company is working on producing a compacted air quality monitoring device for use in industry, mining and residential areas by municipal or environmental monnitoring agencies.

Kabelo Matlala

The company is developing a app for linking food outlets with customers, process orders and receive payments - delivery the food within the Mamelodi area.

Kagiso Maila

The company is developing a solar powered pole lights system which also provides WiFi Internet to communities in outdoor enevonments.



Mamelodibiz is a township entrepreneurship platform that is a Business & Information Technology Company based in Mamelodi, specializing in delivering innovative and disruptive SME business solutions to township based businesses

Marketing Craft Socially

Middas Touch Engineering Solutions

The company intends to manufacture an automated power saving insulated grill for commercial and domestic usage

Naledi Baby Brands

The company produces a wide range of baby skin products which are intended to be more gentle on the skin of babies and infants.

New Product Warehouse

The company developed an idea to produce a cellphone pouch that can easily be attached inside a pocket of a trouser, thus protecting cellphone from theft and damage

NRG Media and Advertising

The company has an idea of manufacturing advertising boards placed on top of small cabs around Pretoria

Phillimon Agency Orientation

The company has an idea of developing a portable device that can be used to store internet data deducted from WiFi hotspots for future use.

Savvy ICT Systems Solutions (PTY) LTD

The company provides a wide range of ICT services and are working on developing a web platform called "Bumazy" which aims to link local businesses with clients and other businesses for trade.

Retiqua Waste Group

Company offers waste management i.e. collecting,transporting,sorting and recycling business to business services.

Tel: 0735121477

Bantu Digital

Company offers visual and motion graphics, build 3D models

Tel: 0812764701


The company intends to produce biodegegradable sanitary pads

Tel: 0721787146

BM Pudumo Solutions

Company manufactures perfumes and cosmetics.

Tel: 0737832462

Caveman Innovative Solutions

Company provides digital media solutions to businesses and creates platforms across different sectors of business to increase accessibility and convenience

Tel: 0625359178 | 0718865654

Customer management studio

The solution is a mobile dashboard where all your accounts will reflect and you pay them at a touch of a button.The app is designed to help customers manage all their accounts from one platform and enable them to make payments

Tel: 0768959336

Deaf language Training and Projects (VOICEOUT)

VoiceOut Deaf offers deaf language training and other projects such as deaf awareness campaigns, 3D cartoon character for early child education, Emoji for SA sign language in social platform. The company is also involved in farming project for deaf people.

Tel: 0724174810 | 0820949162

Digi Couries

Digi Courier is an app-centric company where the public can register their vehicles using the application to become delivery service providers.

Tel: 0737706343

Dumakude Entertainment

Company offers digital, film production on an educational and commercial aspect. The production will be focusing on students that require knowlegde on production

Tel: 0735142048

Emoan Hair

Company designs artificial wigs and hair moisturizer.

Tel: 0621742508

Eveys Arts Projects

Company designs and makes customised modern and traditional African jewellery .

Tel: 0740397070

Fresh Wear Company

The company designs and produces special and unique clothing using unique kitchen materials.

Tel: 0730403787

FZMS Designs

Company designs custom made clothes and bags..

Tel: 0725509989 (sms only deaf entrepreneur)

Growthics Environment

Company offers waste management and environmental solutions i.e. waste system hire and consulting.

Tel: 0789431688

Hydro Fitness 712

The company has an idea to manufacturer water purification system. The owner is currently a student doing P1 for National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry.

Tel: 0741259466

Iliso Lobuhle

Company designs art crafts and jewellery using recyclable material such as paper, boxes , plastic.

Tel: 0716488131

ITSM Activate

Company offers IT services business to business, by focusing on helping IT departments in the public and private sector across South Africa and the rest of Africa into becoming strategic businesses.

Tel: 0828500529

Jay Spectrum

The company designs and manufactures Glass products for home use and other products such as Trophies, Medals, Furniture, Corporate Clocks, Glass and Steel medals

Tel: 0792998290

KEQ Trading

A Technology Software company that specializes in creating database driven management systems and licensing tools for organizations across a broad spectrum of industries, including a Database Management Software for schools.

Tel: 0630964437 | 0822214709

Lewapi Group

Content development company producing educational solutions for private and public institutions

Tel: 0845080748

Memorable Shots Productions

Company offers photography and videography service and products.

Tel: 0786743385

Njandin Media

Film & televison distribution media company that showcases local stories and content.

Tel: 0813944574

Pema Vesta

Company does website development, digital designs, website marketing, social media design, email marketing collateral, mobile websites and other branding promotion services.

Tel: 0769223652

Phaladi Investment

Manufacturng, refurbishing of tomb stones and cleaning of grave yards.

Tel: 0603679988

Purple Esther

The company design, supply and manufactures customized safety gear for females

Tel: 0849225226 | 0615431063

Ranthso Technologies

Company installs,supplies and consults on optical fibre for private and public entities

Tel: 0733217124

Rays Fashion

Company designs customised botique clothes.

Tel: 0630818794

Roopher Media

The company offers branding and marketing consultation serrvice to build and launch brands from Africa and to the global market

Tel: 0789107464

SA-Khi Isizwe

Company manufactures paving bricks using recyclable plastic and sand to create the paving bricks.

Tel: 0791050504

Small Forest (Pty). Ltd

Company does furniture manufacturing and carpentry designs.

Tel: 0837569959

SONS Custom Clothing

Company designs tailored custom clothing for individuals and companies.

Tel: 0670470861

The Fiddesign Company

Interior designignin g and custom designing for househods and corporate clients .

Tel: 0610886533

Thee Hot Dog Bar

Catering and hospitality company offering a variety of taste for food lovers. The company makes special sandwiches and hot dogs

Tel: 0823705144

Think IT Media

Company offers sofrtware development,web designing,profiling and branding in the IT sector.

Tel: 0780359606

Toss Online

TOSS (That One Shopping Solution) Online provides township retailers and other SMMEs with a mobile information systems, distribution and logistics, and business support services. Toss offers services such as marketing and advertising, operational assitance, management support, access to buld purchasing, promoting and upgrading of products

Tel: 0832304202

Active Mind Space

Active Mind Space is software development company operating in the Vaal Triangle. The compant designs and develop the following, web application, mobile applications, online stores, , POS, management systems for schools, churches, hospitals etc.

Adam n Eve

Adam and Eve is a fashion lable operating in Sharpeville. The business design and manufacture custom-made garments for the upper end market. The business plans to have its own range in store by the end of 2018.

Afrinnovix PTY LTD

Designs a Mobile phone pouch with powerbank. The owner are part of VUT sasol entrepreneurship programme. A prototype is being developed and we expect it to be completed by march 2018

Almineral Solurions

Produces sunjuice units built with the purpose of creating clean energy through solar whilst offering practical solutions for internet connectivity

Avant-Garde Research and Development

Avant Garde has an idea of developing a energy recovery parts for electrical vehicle.The business has developed a battery for Electrical Vehicle. The idea has been research and developed to a stage where it is being piloted.The owners is a System Engineer with relevant skill to develop the proto type

Baetsi Solutions

Baetsi Solutions is an ice manufacturer operating in Sharpeville. The business delivers and sell ice at local filling stations and also supplies local liquor outlets. The business manufacturers 1600 KG of ice daily.The business is owned by two VUT graduates.

Botlhale Bendalo Institute

Botlhale Bendalo Institute is a cosmetic manufacturing company operating at Sebokeng. The company manufacturers cosmetics products. The business has already developed 12 products up to date and have linked up with VUT and Local Dr's to access markets. SSP application in place to assist with further testing and also to buy manufacture better.


Manufacturing A 4 in 1 cooler box which has multiple charging options (Solar, Home and Car), LED Lights, Radio and USB

Tel: 0765470869

Enginebox Brewery (PTY) LTD

Enginebox Breweri is a company located in sebokeng withis brewery contracted to Swagga Brewery in Alberton. The company brewer 4 four flavours. The target current is events and cook outs with a turnover of R30K

Fresh Ideas (Pty) Ltd

Fresh Ideas is a design and Marketing company operating in Sebokeng. The company design logos,design website, host website and signage boards for companies.

Future Creations01

Future creations 01 manufacturers garments as per customer specifications.The owner indicates as well that she is trained on furniture manufacturing and intends to focus on manufacturing low cost mattress.

Tel: 0738518489

Green Things Projects

Agricultural farming enterprise operating at Poortjie. Poortjie is one of the rural areas of Gauteng. The business plant anything from Cabbage, Onions, Spinach and Garlic

Tel: 0817449441

Langa Inventions

Langa Inventions is an innovative manufacturing company operating in sebokeng. The company has designed what its calls Super Lunch Box.A super lunchbox is a lunchbox which is merged up with a cupholder facing up. The product is created to facilitate ways in which people eat their food.


Leebernco is recycling and manufacturing company registered and operating in Sebokeng. The company buys bulk damaged bags. The company recycles the bags for resale. The company also manufactures the bulk bags from its premises.

Tel: 0728769333

Luis D Fouseca

The entrepreneur recycles 200 l drums to manufacturer braai stand and couches.The business is still at idea stage and requires funding to develop a prototype.

Tel: 0737404597


McSbusing (Pty) Ltd is company registered in 2014. The business is located at Sebokeng. The compnay is owned solely by Mr S Nhlapo. The company has developed a mobile app called Meloo.Meloo is your event equipment search engine and marketing tool.

Mokati Chemicals

Mokati Cleaning is a manufacturer of cleaning detergents located at Evaton. The detergents include,dishwasher, Pine Gel, Bleach and degreezer. The business solely owned by Mr Mokati

Montekay Communications and projects

Montekay Communication manufacturers vegetable atchaar. The atchaar is not lab tested for nutritional value. The entrepreneur has acquired land from the municipality which he intends to plant all the ingredients.

Nahanang Multimedia Studios (PTY) LTD

Nahanang Multimedia is a company specialising in photograaphy,videography, graphic design. The company is developing a mobileapp to link up service providers with customers. The mobile is 90% complete. As a business nahanang is making revenue of R20K a month. The mobileapp is not commercialised yet.

Nambitha Nutritional Products

Nambitha Nutritional Products is a soya drink manufacturer based in Orange farm. The co-operative makes 5 different flavours which include, Chocolate,Vanilla,Banana,Strawberry and Original.It is a 5 member youth co-operative. Township Entrepreneur awards winners for 2016.

Powerhouse Media and Projects

Powerhouse Media is a structural and signage manufacturer.The business manufacturers Road Signs and Billboards.The business is solely owned by Mr Moeketsi

Savali Trading (PTY) LTD

Savali Trading they manufacture Leather handbags, Laptop bags from off cuts of leather. The business operates from Vanderbijlpark, the business employs two people at the moment. It's owned by Vumile Mpopo

Thembe-Lihle Distribution T/A Waterzaa

Waterzaa is a water purification and bottling company. The business operate from the owners residence. The water is tested on a regular basis to eliminate the chance of contamination.

Tshepiso Tladi

Tshepiso Tladi manufacturers coal using newspaper. The company is not registered yet.

Tel: 0764093637

Tshireletso Solutions

Tshireletso Solutions has an idea to manufacture a recycling Atm using cargo containers. The entrepreneur is busy sourcing finance and also letter of intend from potential partners (Nampak and Collect a Can).

Tel: 0607359967

Tshireletso Solutions

Tshireletso Solutions has an idea to manufacturer a recycling Atm using cargo containers. The entrepreneur is busy sourcing finance and also letter of intend from potential partners (Nampak and Collect a Can).

Tel: 0607359967


Vhavheledzi Co-operative is a five (5) member co-operative. The co-operative designs, manufacturer and repairs trolleys.The trolley are not quality tested. The trolleys have been sold to Pick n pay and local bakeries.

Zonke Energy Solutions

Zonke Energy Solutions is a manufacturer of solar panels. The owner has a developed a prototype which he is showing to potential funders. He is also in talks with local municipality to training local learners in manufacturing solar panels

Tel: 0725362179

Akanaya Leano Marketing Intelligence

The company provides cost, risk and time effective mobille app solutions for small and big businesses to use mobile technology for effective marketing and better connect to their customers.

Bambanani Sizwe Holdings

Bambanani Sizwe holdinds is a proudly South African personal care business. The company intends to manufacture sanitary products and supply to both the local and external markets. The product name will be femidence sanitary towel derived from the names feminine confidence and prudence. The brand hsa the pontetial of becoming the most preferred, safe, and comfortable sanitary towel brand in South Africa and abroad as the product will be 100% cotton mad that offer the best confort, good fit and super absorbency during a period. The company's products will be environmentally friendly - biodegradable.

BBL MEDIA Company (Pty) Ltd

BBL MEDIA Company find the best communication solutions for their client either by developing internal hi-tech systems for companies and their clients or platform to best communicate.

Chromatic Technologies

The company intends to manufacture computer boards.

Dufftown Innovative

"Dufftown Innovative is solving the problem of continuous power cuts within our communities, solving the problem of increased electricity bills every month without the consumers knowing what's consuming the most power and helping the country save in overall consumption which will lead to a stable national grid



Energex specialises in transferring value on the internet. This is in the form of crypto currencies and blockchain technology.

Hustlenomics (Pty) Ltd

Hustlenomics is a property development and investment company that focuses on up-skilling and creating opportunities for the youth. We are a for-profit, impact driven social enterprise that aids in the replacement of informal backyard shacks with formal housing structures using alternative building technology. We manufacture and use interlocking brick technology which cut our building costs by up to 30% and this could have a good impact on the environment because the technology allows us to use recycled construction waste material to manufacture our bricks

IzibaloMaths and Literacy Educational Consultants

IzibaloMaths and Literacy Educational Consultants is an Edutech company. The company's main aim is to close the gap between education and technology by offering research driven effective and quality mathematics teaching and learning solutions online to high school learners, tertiary students and adult education students (skills development). The company specialises in mathematics ‘basics’. The solutions will include an educational App which includes maths notes, exam papers, quizzes, which will be demonstrated through videos. Furthermore, IzibaloMaths and Literacy Educational Consultants will adapt blended learning model whereby face-to-face seminars and workshops will be conducted.

Kganya Manufacturing Pharma

The company intends to manufacture and supply health products. The product will be using natural ingredients in a form of powder and tablets.

Kwebu Investment (Smart Piggy Bag)

The Online Shopping?mall has the same stores as your walk-in mall(?Grocery- Pick'nPay,Boxer,Shoprite;?Retail- Edgars, Woolworths, Markhams;?Furniture- Ok,Fair-price;?Fast?food-?KFC,Chicken licken, steers, spur,McDonalds?.etc Operational 24/7 allowing a customer to shop from multiple stores under one umbrella in the comfort of their own zone?and make payment only when they feel?they have everything they need.?Customer can track their order and compare product prices between stores?before completing their shopping request. Convenient service?for everyone.

Moms Personal Shoppers

The?Online Mall is aimed at mobilizing?the Shopping industry at large?on a digital platform that is easily accessed by everyone via the?internet or an?application.?The?platform is also?well designed to boost areas where there are no mall?infrastructures built?but the people there?has a greater demand of basic shopping. The beauty about this platform (Online Shopping Mall)?is that it has personal shoppers assigned to every customer who processes?an order,?these?people are ready at all times to?do?all?the run around for you on?the order processed and ?in minutes it gets?delivered to the customer who will rate our service.

Paradise Boutique Cuisine (Pty) Ltd

Paradise Boutique Cuisine is a proudly South African company that manufactures different types of sauses. On the other hand, the entrepreneur is a professional chef and serves other African cuisine.

Picadoo (Pty) Ltd?

The company has a Mobile Application and a website that enables women and men who would like to book a hairstylist or choose a hairstyle that suits them.

SA Youth Media

SA Youth Media is a content producing agency owned by young aspirant and driven writers, producers and creators. The company offers the entire creative process under one umbrella. SA Youth Media assist companies with to break into media industry and its focus s on online media as a vehicle to connect businesses with their clients, secure new clients and maintain existing customer relationships.

Seed to A Flower

Seed To A Flower is a company that started a six seater cycling go-kart business that runs on a solar power, which will collect commuters from their homes to the Rea Vaya stations and back home. The company intends to partner with Rea Vaya, Gautrain and Prasarail.

Solvent Distillers (Pty) Ltd

The company recycles solvents produced from industrial activity.

Solvent Distillers (Pty) Ltd

The company recycles solvents produced from industrial activity.

Spadille Clothing (Pty) Ltd

The company specializes in printing and branding platforms for young entrepreneurs.

Technological Plumbing Solutions

Technological Plumbing Solution (TPS) is a plumbing company that offers two innovative products called sewage and geyser spill reporting monitors which act as security features guarding and reporting against geyser and sewage spills that occasionally occur in household properties and business premises. Sewage spills occur within dwelling premises and in sewage street drains. These smart devices have been designed to service the targeted clientele and contribute immensely in reducing water waste from geysers as well as the discomfort and disease risk resulting from sewage spills in the country.

Teclado Technologies

"The core of the business is manual functional testing. It also provides the following testing services: Automation testing, Compatibility testing, Database Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Performance testing, web Applications Testing & Mobile Testing.we also offer testing for the following platforms: SAP. CRM . ERP.

Tshono Namane Design Industries

Tshono Namane Design Industries is an interior design services and consulting company which also focuses on furtniture manufacturing.

Mali Business Enterprise/ Khanyo Manufacturing

A company that manufactures modern post box for residents using PVC Material which is durable and environmentally friendly.

8 De Designer (Pty) Ltd

8 De Designer is a design solution product development and branding services provider. They are known to be jack of all trades in the space of design but waster of none. They hold a vast experience graphic design, product design and branding. They provide solutions to brands

Baja Ba-Lapile Pty Ltd

Smart Shopper Trolley The trolley works in smarter way, when an item or product gets inside the trolley the scanner automatically scans it and show the price on the monitor and the quantity of the products in the trolley. The scale works in correspondence with the scanner, when a product is in the trolley and it’s not scanned it is detected via the scale of the scanned products and a message is shown in the screen to alert customers and the security. The monitor allows you to navigate products in the store and see products that are on promotion.

Basadi Innov8tors

"Advanced Metering Infrastructure with a secure three way direct communication between the meter, the backend system at the utility company and the consumer would bridge the current gap between the two parties. The complete smart grid system is beneficial to both the utility company and its customers, as it offers revenue protection and management to the utility company and offers the consumer the power to better manage their electricity consumption and know what is going on with electricity back home in real time, at all times.


Blue Kalahari Group (Pty) Ltd

It's a company that recycles shipping containers into homes that are especially designed for low-income people. This includes developing an innovative, self-sufficient housing and services comples for low income families using shipping containers.

Brain Giga

Innovation online learning plattform targeting student and graduates as well as organisations. BrainGiga tackles the unemployment challenge faced by graduates by helping them develop industry relevant skills through participating in challenges, contests and virtual internships hosted by partner organisations

Brands Afrika

A store that uses an online platform to showcase and sell local township produced bags garments clothing items and jewellery. An online digital store that creates exposure and presence for local and upcoming brands.

Clean Steps

A fast shoe laundry and dry cleaning specialist. We offer a range of convenient cleaning packages with an on demand free household or office doorstep pickup and delivery option. Opens seven days a week from 8 am to 9 pm


Manufactuing of a stylish and classic compact mini bar that can fit in your car which can also be customised according to your own specifications

FZ Creations

FZ Creations is a manufacturer of sneakers and tekkies washing machine

Glorious Moments Garden

Manufacturing of jam using indigenous fruits containing ingredients with health benefits with high levels of nutrients and anti-oxidants that help fight certain diseases. The ingredients also contain Vitamins.

Indoni Beauty Range

Indoni is an african owned female company that manufactures and produces skin and hair care products handmade from natural ingredients and food oils that contain healing properties. The products contain 0% harmful chemicals and 0% perfume.

Infinity Timber Design

Infinity Timber Designs is a manufacturing company that specializes in timber folding garage doors. Their product is called Extractor because of its durability, easy handle & design functionality.

Isangqa Holdings (Pty) Ltd

The company manufactures detergents also does general house buiding and swimming pool construction, maintenance and service.

Josafe Brake Supply Pty Ltd

Automotive Workshop specialising in the manufacturing of Break pads for the service and maintenance of vehicles.

LB and M

LB and M operates in the ICT industry and has interest in Artificial Intellegence embedded in a simple mobile application that can be used by the most usual person in a community

Logos Branding and Trading

Manufacturing of a solar clothing Iron which is currently at prototype Develeoment Stage

Mirror Mind Media

"Market Photography is brand of Mirror Mind Media and a platform that incorporates photography, graphic design, pop-ups and flea markets on the web. Mirror Mind Media aims to showcase all types of markets around Gauteng, their unique
products and the creators thereof; using photography and graphic design. In so doing our goal is to stimulate the awareness
of this culture of social cohesion among South Africans."

Moila Hosting

"Moila Hosting believes that SMEs deserve the same quality, depth and breadth of ICT services afforded big business, and that the technology they want is provided on their own terms. Whether its cloud computing and e-commerce, the latest business tech trends such as cloud or practical help with software, they can provide everything SMEs need about when it comes to technology. From Website Development, Website Hosting, Web Software Development, Mobile Applications and Graphic Design.


Mustang Auto Body Specialists

Mustang Auto Body Specialist is an approved RMI SAMBRA structural repair workshop providing high quality convenient auto body repairs at affordable costs. We provide our services to brands such as Toyota, VW, Hyundai, Nissan and Suziki. Our customers consists of existing client base, walk in clients, referrals insurance panels, fleet owners and dealerships.

Natstem Tech

Electricity and Water consumption reader (E-Consumption Reader) This project aims to help the municipalities to be able to identify meter faults by alerting the municipality about the meter faults. It uses pop-up notifications to let the municipality to be able to spot the faults and it also present to them the location of the faulty meter. It also allows users to enter or capture the current reading on their meters and determines the amount spent on electricity during that month.

Ntsualala Electrical Construction & Projects

ICT Company providing IT Solutions to various companies and SMMEs including Software developemnent Network and Server

Ocean and Overseas Express Pty Ltd

Manufacturing of Exotic Spices with a variety of product lines including BBQ Chilli Chicken meat seasoning Table salt Steak n Kidney Boerewors and Fish Spice.

Onion Electronics

Manufacturing company that manufactures electronics and offer electronics solutions.

Soumi Inc

The Moisture Factory develops hair care products based on market research, manufactures the hair care products and distributes through various channels direct to the end user as well as indirectly through retailers and wholesalers.

Stanley Hlatshwayo

Manufacturing of a solar cooker that is divided into 3 different segments which uses solar energy to prepare a meal

TCF Solutions

Developement of an Educational learning Platform that will assist learners to retrieve lessons of the day by educators using an app while doing homework and assignments. The system is aimed to advance learners capabilities school performance and results to better prepare and equip them for their studies and Exams.

TeaYeHm Holdings

offers services such as Energy Consultancy Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency and Water Management, Roof Refurbishment; Electrical Installations and Maintenance. Teayehm manufactures a roof paint that is environmentally friendly and keeps the house cool in Summer and warm in winter

Tumago Trading and Projects

Tumago Trading and projects specialises in manufacturing and installation of glass and aluminium doors and windows customised to suit your needs.

UPD 002

A telecommunication company specializing in installation of Telkom land lines; ADSL lines; SDC's boxes; DP boxes; laying over head and under ground copper and optic fibre cables and pipes; DSTV cabling, switchboard boxes and they also repair faulty phone lines.

Zwane Energy

Zwane Energy is a renewable energy company that sells and installs renewable enegry technologies. The company also researches and develops new renewable enegry technologies; the goal of the company is to achieve a future where each and every household generates its own enegry and the the surplus to the grid. They offer products such as solar panels; wind turbines; solar water heaters and other developed technologies to households.

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