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Maxum Business Incubator ENTREPRENEURS
Bio Lotion

Bio Lotion Cosmetics is a skin company founded in 2010 and began trading in 2012. It specialises in body lotion for stretch marks and uneven skin tone.The lotion is currently retailing at Shoprite, Checkers, Dischem and Makro

Tel: 0739340572 | 0798892970

Carbon Reduction Technologies

CRT provides energy saving LED lighting applications that are cost effective, and reduces the consumption of energy and carbon emissions-mitigating the effects of global warming.

Tel: 0789222381


Ebukhosini Properties involves the manufacturing of ‘Mobile Handwashers – moWash’ in an attempt to enforce SA’s intent to keeping hygienically clean hands, so as to increase the level of healthy living

Tel: 0827194511

Livestock Wealth

Livestock Wealth sells cows online as a simpler alternative method of investment to shares, bonds and unit trusts.

Tel: 0834415549

Maru Telecoms

Maru Telecoms provides the next generation telecommunications solution to both the business and the consumer markets. We offer MaruSIP, the perfect Unified Communications Solution for business and consumer built on open source platform to address our customer’s typical and extraordinary telephone requirements through a cost saving model of making internet based calls at reduced rates. MaruSIP uses a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology to seamlessly interface fixed and mobile networks for Voice, Video, Fax and Instant Messaging Services.

Tel: 0824989613 | 0739017023
billy@marutelecoms.co.za or tsholo@marutelecoms.co.za

mHealth Studio

HearScreen has developed a low-cost mHealth solution for people with hearing problems by providing clinically valid tests, operated by untrained persons using cloud-based data management and referral systems linking patients to services.

Tel: 0827824009
nic@hearscreen.com or dewet.swanepoel@up.ac.za

Modular innobox

Modular Innobox creates of Modular Innovation Labs (Innobox) which can be customised for any business opportunity across various sectors both formal and informal.

Tel: 071 897 1448
hasandarwish@gmail.com / HDarwish@modular-innovations.com

Pulego communications

Pulego Communications provides innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions, consulting and training services. Their focus is on developing mobile solutions that are aimed at enabling government entities to effectively engage citizens and delivery of service.

Tel: 074 117 2762

Sibahle Skin Solutions

Marula Skin Oil is specially formulated for the treatment of:?Stretch marks, Dry Or Cracked Skin, Eczema, Skin Redness, Sun exposed or Damaged Skin, Acne, Wrinkle Reduction, Uneven skin tone, Fading of Scars, Marks and Burns

Tel: 0761867282

Tour 2.0

Tour 2.0 provides an online platform that promotes community tourism within Africa by packaging community tours and tour packages as stories that are told by community members, within the context of their community.

Tel: 0849878969

Unconventional Media Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Unconventional Media provides a marketing platform in the form of Abomakgareza trolleys used to collect waste

Tel: 084 283 0828

A Plus Systems (PTY) LTD

A plus systems provide electrical construction and maintenance for households and corporates.

Tel: 072?561 3604
dave.d@aplusgroupsa.co.za / accounts@aplusgroupsa.co.za

Adia Engineering Systems (Pty) Ltd

Adia engineering systems design and manufactures reconfigurable desktop CNC machines for rapid prototyping and fabrication. It can perform three functions namely milling, 3-D printing, and laser engraving.

Tel: 012 751 3783 / 078 226 5246
phumlanintloko@gmail.com / p.ntloko@adiasystems.co.za / skhumbuzondlovu@gmail.com

Afri-Acts (Pty) Ltd

Gradesmatch provides web based / mobile system that is designed to assists high school learners (Grade 8-12) with critical information pertaining to subject choices, higher learning institution (HLI's) and financial aid information.

Tel: 081977737
unathi@gradesmatch.co.za / rudzani@gradesmatch.co.za

Afrocast IT Solutions

MobileBulletin? is a mobile app that automatically collects and manage users cell phone numbers,
whilst providing bi-directional texting platform for any type of mobile device with no airtime

Tel: 082 569 7982 / 076 079 7382
Thabo@afrocast.co.za / moshe@afrocast.co.za

Applied Vehicle Analysis

Applied Vehicle Analysis provides a mining productivity insights in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) via their web app which collects data through integrating with multiple ?GSM (cellular) telemetry providers. AVA solution optimizes operations and maximises productivity to increase efficiency.

Tel: 083?259 3682
anton@ava.solutions / jason@ava.solutions

Black Ground outdoor

Black Ground Outdoor provides marketing platforms in the form of mobile charging stations which can be used during events.

Tel: 0798908948 / 0828892971 / 0600003292
tshepo@chargeupsa.co.za / mboneni@blackgroundoutdoor.co.za / Mboneni@khaedu.co.za

Consumertech solutions (PTY) LTD

Consumertech solutions have a product called SpazaPro which is a mobile sales and distribution channel that aggregates orders from stokvels, spazas, small businesses and households and allows them to access better pricing, incentives, and rewards.

Tel: 012 807 1250 / 082 909 0083

CRSP dsgn (Pty) Ltd

CRSP dsgn has developed a modular electronics kit which is a "Low Cost Educational Robotics Toy", or #LCERT in short

Tel: 078 557 3639
nthato@crspdsgn.com yoshlyn@crspdsgn.com


eSicknote (Pty) Ltd is web application used by medical practitioners to create, issue and store electronic/digital sick notes to patients and institutions. The application offers an online solution for institutions to verify and store received esicknotes, doctors to issue prescriptions and sicknotes as to when required and eFiling for medical practices.

Tel: 076 710 7671

Goodie Tutors (PTY) LTD

Goodie Tutors is a private tutoring agency offering one on one lessons to students, catering from grade 1-12.

Tel: 0766247156 / 0113391016
goodietutors@gmail.com / godiragetsemogajane@yahoo.com

HealthCent (Pty) Ltd

Signapps is a closed loop secure messaging communication application designed exclusively for health care practitioners and institutions and suppliers. It's simple to use, a communications paradigm practitioners understand, low cost and will run on any Android of Apple Device.

Tel: 0823776688
daviesroam@gmail.com | lee.nicaise@gmail.com | mgluckie@gmail.com

IMD Innovations

IMD innovations provides Tumira, a mobile based platform that allows users to buy and pay for goods / voucher in one area and collect them in another area using their cell phones.

Tel: 0725275589
idube@imdinnovations.co.za / bkamanga@imdinnovations.co.za

Joburger CC

Smart Tissue (i-wipe) is a combination of traditional tissue and wet wipes which provides 100% cleanliness.

Tel: 078 520 4815

K2016496127 (PTY)LTD T/A Khula

Money Tree Group has developed a crowd sourcing app to support small scale farmers. They provide automation of systems to do away with the middleman

Tel: 079 190 8903

Lightbulb Education

Lightbulb education is a learning management system which enables students from anywhere to get direct assistance from subject matter experts and likeminded peer groups.

Tel: 082 656 9430

Man Up Industries

Man Up Industries has created the Viper Black and Viper Lite, portable finger operated grooming accessories which enable the user to conveniently shave and trim the beard more comfortably, cleanly and precisely.

Tel: 0834333475


moWallet develops digital marketing platforms to enable FMCG Brands, government, NGO and business to offer mobile coupons, vouchers and loyalty programs to lower end customers.

Tel: 0788003515

NovoSense Intelligence (PTY) Ltd

NovoSense Intelligence develops wireless sensor systems (biometric) for medical and industrial applications to optimise security.

Tel: 0725762633

Optical Plus

Optical Plus is a distributor of Medical, Pathological and Pharmaceutical packaging. They source their products from various highly accredited manufacturers in accordance with strict quality and traceability procedures.

Tel: 078 456 5054

Physio Guard (Pty) Ltd

Physio guard is a rotation device which assists people with restricted mobility and who are being aided by care givers. The product is aimed at reducing the falling statistics of patients.

Tel: 072 322 3894

Prior Ditema

Provides mobile prepaid health voucher to access a national network of private doctors. The service provides the convenience to patients without medical aids.

Tel: 082 442 4599

Qnum Analytics (Pty) Ltd

Qnum Analytics has developed a solution that effectively ensures better use of operational data. The key benefit is the monitoring of business activities to identify and detect situation relating to inefficiencies.

Tel: 074 311 0499

Robot Zulu

Robot Zulu manufactures and sells art toys made from recycled material & discarded material found in our local landfill/dumping sites

Tel: 0737577419


Saya-Setona developed a municipal communicator app which is aimed at the municipalities keeping in touch with the community thereby addressing the community challenges and opportunities.

Tel: 071 327 7269

Shape (Pty) Ltd

Shape develops novel and innovative medical products, devices and mobile application for the healthcare industry. It assists people in living a better quality of life and making healthcare more affordable to the poor using a cost effective infrastructure.

Tel: 0723444664/011 622 8649
snlator@gmail.com or info@shapehealth.co.za

Simplus Innovation

Simplus Innovation is an analytics translator software utilising data to close the gap between the business and technology teams through Analytics, digital applications and flagship reporting platform. The software can traslate analytics into information.

Tel: 0724127149/081 046 5152

Technovera (PTY) LTD

Technovera is a healthcare technology called Smart Locker solution for patients collecting chronic medication at healthcare facilities. Smart Lockers offers patients the convenience to collect their chronic medication quickly and avoid the long queues. Patients will receive an sms with an access pin stating when and where to collect the medication.

Tel: 0828617010

Tiisetso Development Solutions

Tiisetso Development Solutions has developed an electrical power circuit sentry device, which is an early warning device aimed at reducing risk of electrical fires & improving the minimum performance of the ready board.

Tel: 082 543 4977

Toonserve (JataMobile)

Toonserve’s Blibber product is an advert-supported messaging platform. It allows mobile users to generate personalized content with shopping and trading as key revenue generators.

Tel: 078 482 3003

Turning point tutors

Turning Point Tutors provides a web based platform that allows high school and tertiary students to access tutors and exam preparation courses

Tel: 082 450 3912 / 0739622225
sula@turningpointtutors.co.za / maria@turningpointtutors.co.za

Umoyair Communications

Umoyair Communications provides a free call service that allows users to make a call from their cell phones to any number in SA free of charge. This is based on a user and advertiser incentive service whereby a call is sponsored by the advertiser and allows the user to make a free call.

Tel: 0762531347

Virtual Educator (Pty) Ltd T/A Funzi

Funzi provides mobile and web-based platform for learners to access free and premium educational content to assist with exam readiness

Tel: 082 499 8292 /076 405 4405
doc@wibc.biz tina@wibc.biz

Wema Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd

A web-based software application to assist with supply chain and HR matters.

Tel: 071 170 8473


Zero1Two is a school management system for all types of educational institutions. The system integrates and facilitates 6 types of user accounts of a school (Admin, Teacher, Accountant, Librarian, Student and Parents). The application can manage student reports (Marks management), advanced parents user (accounts payment, student reports, stationary and uniform orders, teacher and parent communication). It comes with 14 languages.

Tel: 012 752 0988 / 079 210 5976

4room Entertainment

Using 360 video contect & VR to add value to the education & training sector

Tel: 061 980 3620 / 074 550 8099

ADDmore Digital

Sourcing and implementation of the digital screens which will be place within the taxis, as per secured agreements

Tel: 061 481 2544

Bhantu IP

A mobile application (platform) which allows the Liliesleaf audience to engage interactively with the Liliesleaf narrative and content enhancing the onsite experience as well as becoming an offsite access gateway to the history and narrative of Liliesleaf for remote or global audiences.

Tel: 084 606 5472

Black Belt

Service based company offering Post Production services that specializes in Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and Game Development to clients.

Tel: 079 882 8796/ 078 023 1642/ 076 928 1733
jason@black-belt.co.za / tracey@black-belt.co.za

Cherrystar Films (Pty) Ltd

Videography, Photography and Filmmaking company

Tel: 076 220 5361

Ekasi Gaming

Being the first black professionally managed eSports organization in South Africa and not only focusing on the sporting aspect, but importantly on the e-Gaming skill development.

Tel: 078 952 8570

Look See Do

Use 3D technology including VR and AR to improve vocational training of workers.

Tel: 083 414 7656
dean@looksee.do / jaco@looksee.do

Modern Gaming

Basic Blocks which allows the company to train children between the ages of 5 – 15 on game development. Supplying technology equipment and also developing games and animated videos.

Tel: 011 736 7925/078 748 2775
kopano@moderngaming.co.za / info@moderngaming.co.za


Semblance puzzle platformer game.

Tel: 083 397 8725 / 073 833 5004
ben.myres@hotmail.com /cukia@nyamakop.co.za /cukiakimani@gmail.com

Outpost VR South Africa

Specializing in VR, Media, Data Science and Big Data.

Tel: 078 941 1776

Studio Leetchi

Services based company focusing on motion graphics and animation to clients.

Tel: 078 023 1642


2D/3D animation, Editing, Sound Design, Colour Grading

Tel: 011 492 0197 / 076 301 2674

Westudio Gaming

Working on a SAFA soccer game, focusing on SA PSL soccer teams. Currently in the process of securing licensing rights with interested key stakeholders in the sporting industry.

Tel: 076 351 8035/ 084 636 7837

African Technopreneurs (Pty) Ltd

Distributors of a wide range of 360 cameras and virtual reality headsets, whilst providing fringe support in respect to activations and also vide/photo editing

Tel: 076 766 7684/ 012 669 3012
daliso@africantechno.com / sammy@africantechno.com

Afro Game Studio

Aims to create uniquely African games. Their first title is Soweto Brawl which is a 2D fighting game based in the township of Soweto, with iconic local characters

Tel: 081 347 4534
pontjho@afrogamestudios.co.za/ sibewu@afrogamestudios.co.za


Created a 360 VR system for that can be incorporated into client training & induction processes

Tel: 071 141 2863

Gamers Xplosion

Focusing on designing programmes that are addressing social issues through video games for the education space and also have programmes that focus on social cohesion

Tel: 082 219 2104

Hale Studio (Pty) Ltd

Currently producing a short animation film on Heritage Day using a game engineering technology.

Tel: 079 923 8552

Immersive Authority

Allows multiple individuals to immerse themselves within a 360-degree scene (no HMDs required). This dome can be tilted from 0 to 61.6-degree orientation where people are immersed beneath the 360x180 degree dome displaying content. The HoloDome can be offered with a 3m, 5m and 6m+ diameter. The HoloDome is perfect for use in shopping mall center-courts, exhibitions, festivals, educational and entertainment functions. It also functions as a fully functional portable digital planetarium in 4k display

Tel: 083 282 7981

Ingenious Indigenous Generation – IIG

Board and digital game called Knowledge Tester, focusing on primary school mathematics and science.

Tel: 064 726 7468

Kimard Digital

2D casual platformer musical puzzle game.

Tel: 072 997 6804

Know Wisdom Game

Designing a board game focusing on science for secondary learners.

Tel: 079 764 2912

Montso Solutions

Service based company offering VR and hardware solutions to clients

Tel: 071 869 5018

Primetime Studios (Pty) Ltd

TV production and online video streaming platform

Tel: 072 943 6748/ 011 463 7602

Reach TV

Sourcing and implementation of the digital screens which will be place within the taxis, as per secured agreements

Tel: 072 863 4467

Sig Nuh Cher Media and Productions (Pty) Ltd

Currently producing two animated films one called The Mighty Pen Documentary and the other called Sunda - Khensani Feature Film.

Tel: 074 550 8099

Sisanda Tech

Si Realities is a digital science lab for STEM learners. Si realities uses augmented reality technology to project apparatus in front of the learner on a mobile phone.

Tel: 063 170 7952
baso@sisanda.net / sisandaenergylab@gmail.com

Sports Solution / Bapala Studios

CAF Series is a football video game for mobile devices created to be enjoyed by lovers of African football. The game features exclusively domestic football leagues (PSL, NPFL) and tournaments (Telkom knock-out, Nedbank Cup), with the pinnacle of the game winning CAF Champions League.

Tel: 060 836 0743

Township Toons

Cartoon series focusing on local township characters offering everyday life skills and solutions to the youth

Tel: 084 333 3500
danisa@htmultimedia.co.za/ htmultimedia@gmail.com

All weather roads enginering

All Weather Roads Engineering has developed a potholes asphalt that is able to withstand climatic changes and therefore not affected by heat or cold conditions. Its unique characteristic, when compared to available potholes asphalt, will assist in fixing of potholes and preventing further formation of potholes on our roads.

Tel: 063 289 7829

Alpha Innovations

Alpha Innovations hosts the mobile device Alpha Era TV feeding from wifi at no cost to the user. Revenue will be generated through advertisements.

Tel: 0836315639

Avid Avant Holdings

Avid Avant has developed Yo Deals. Yo Deals is a mobile retail app / online retail that offers incredible deals and discounts for the underserved market such as stokvel members. It enables the clients to purchase desired goods over 3 months from affordable grocery, home and décor retailers.

Tel: 061 493 3945

Axiom Group (Pty) Ltd

Fibre laser, punching & bending Machines with improved thickness.

Tel: 073 635 4823 011 452 8065

Baps Innovations (Pty) Ltd

BAPS Information Systems has developed a technology called “Motswadi System” which is a Sim-Card that is linked to a parent’s phone designed to help parents protect their children from cyber bullying and sexting.

Tel: 0729189451


The company is working on a platform to create an online mall.

Tel: 073 650 6720

Bewell Corporate Health (Pty) Ltd

Bewell Corporate Health has developed a flexible duty roster application for nurses and doctors in hospitals

Tel: 079 363 8395 072 494 6961

BlueClay Investments (Pty) Ltd

A BlueTickr which is an educational app developed with the aim of improving students and their educational development through technology.

Tel: 082 773 2155 064 903 6136 060 521 8661
karabochina@gmail.com admin@headquarterssolutions.co.za mcnkosi1@gmail.com

Connected Life Stay

Connected.Life.Stay has developed a scheduling and tracking app that has the ability to tie into specific brands to engage other app users.rs.

Tel: 082 447 7484

Digital Process Innovations (Pty) Ltd

Digital Process Innovations has developed a Telecommunication Platform for digital process innovation.

Tel: 084 390 1387

Dzimo Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Dzimo Investment Holdings has developed an Indoor Positioning and Navigation Mobile App for participating venues.

Tel: 072 541 1362

ejoobi (Pty) Ltd

ejoobi has developed a platform which enables job seekers to fax/email their CV’s through an SMS/USSD without the use of internet connectivity using any mobile device

Tel: 078 451 0142

Epochip (Pty) Ltd

The company manufactures a laptop bag that is integrated with advanced electronics that harvest ambient energy from space to power mobile devices independent of time and geographical location. It offers remote charging on the go solutions.

Tel: 0736690465 | 0737920916

EventMate (Pty) Ltd

EventMate offers an event planning platform to event planners, and an advertising platform to even suppliers.

Tel: 076 053 3969

Flip Page Communications (Pty) Ltd

Flip Page Communications has developed a South African based Ultra-Smartphone.

Tel: 063 191 9736

Geniusynergy (Pty) Ltd

Geniusynergy has developed a Khwela Transport app which allows commuters to locate their nearest taxi rank digitally, to share alerts and emergencies in order to promote safety.

Tel: 073 592 6542/074 230 5928


A mobile app that uses iBeacon technology to alert its users (consumers) of the specials that they are having when they in close proximity. Consumers are rewarded on a point system as they buy.

Tel: 084 347 7473 | 078 248 4828
rorisang.posholi@ifoundit.co.za | nomtha.gobe@ifoundit.co.za | mohau.mochebelele@ifoundit.co.za

KAG Technical Solution (Pty) Ltd

A keyless access solution that does not require permanent IP/GSM connectivity. The solution consists of a Mobile Application, a Secure Token Server and a Bluetooth receiver.

Tel: 083 611 0262 063 210 7725

Khazimla IT Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Khazimla IT Solutions has developed an InfoTrade which is a self-service portal is developed to be a payment and supply chain management solution between traders, distributors and buying groups.

Tel: 079 494 9840

Land & Building Audit Systems

The Land & Building Audit System (BAS) is a software technology that focuses on making property records easily accessible and retrievable to all relevant stakeholders as and when required. It is designed as a reliable documentation and e-filing system so as to achieve compliance and efficiency for property owners.

Tel: 073 288 1688/012 347 1428

Lepsta (PTY) LTD

Spacedecode is a software product (platform, tool and service) that enables Software Developers to build, test and continually deploy applications updates using a single tool and without having to manually setup the hosting infrastructure such as servers for their application

Tel: 0631474931

Mesereti International (Pty) Ltd

An application aimed at improving diagnostic and decision support to management of enterprises with the ultimate goal of productivity improvement.

Tel: 072 474 9611

Mooya Wireless (Pty) Ltd

Mooya Wireless specializes in Telecommunication infrastructure build and maintenance services and solutions

Tel: 079 668 3793

Multifractal Semiconductors (Pty) Ltd

Multifractal Semiconductors has developed enabling technologies for single-chip low-cost high-bandwidth millimeter-wave wireless telecommunications systems such as 5G cellular.

Tel: 072 345 2957

N8TIV Technologies (Pty) Ltd

N8TIV Technologies has developed an Event Marketing appl called Groover which replaces posters and advertisements

Tel: 079 551 7711

Omenon Technologies

Omenon is an online platform that exposes high school learners and college/ university students for sponsorship, mentorship and part-time/ vacation work opportunities to organizations/ institutions and successful individuals.

Tel: 079 874 4825

Phaftech Holdings (Pty) Ltd

An app for carwashes to help monitor their daily running while allowing the client to track progress while waiting

Tel: 072 825 2383

Pro Automation (Pty) Ltd

Pro Automation has developed a pool sense water monitor which is dropped into the pool and it interfaces via an application for easy management.

Tel: 072 211 3960 /082 450 5448
heinrich@proautomation.co bernhard@proautomation.co emil@proautomation.co

Qualitone CC

Qualitine has developed EcoSlips which is an independent system that will be linked to various retailers, banking organizations and providers of transaction-based systems so that customers receive all their transaction slips through one application.

Tel: 083 959 0911

SENSO (Safe & Sound)

The Safe and Sound technology is a device that connects deaf and hard of hearing people with the rest of the world. This technology senses human sounds, sirens, hooting and alarm and other kinds of emergency sounds. It is designed as a smart wrist watch, picks up sounds and translate them into vibration and LED light.

Tel: 073 885 6217

Sharetrip (PTY) LTD

ShareTrip is a mobile application that enables travellers to make and execute travel plans in a cost effective manner by leveraging the scale economics of sharing. This is a travel tool designed to be in the palm of your hands. A travel buddy available when you need to share the expenses.

Tel: 083 343 3946
p.enock@sharetrip.co.za;t.raphala@sharetrip.co.za;n.dhlomo@sharetrip.co.za; dhlomo.njabulo@gmail.com

Student Affix

Student Affix has developed a fully automated student network recruitment agency. They distribute on demand high-quality educational support to students in higher learning institutions for free This assists students to know and understand which courses are required for various professions as they acquire career guidance from the platform.

Tel: 083 635 1491 | 079 077 2311
rubenmpanya@gmail.com or motaung.kamohelo@gmail.com

Sunkambe (Pty) Ltd

Sunkambe has developed an online portal that allows artists to gain access to funding through-out the music creation journey i.e. recording, distribution and promotion in exchange for a pro rata share of music rights (mechanical, live royalties, percentage of units sold.

Tel: 079 416 3240

Swift Publications CC t/a Swift design & consultation

Swift publications provides photography in virtual 3D, which offers clients a high-resolution set of images.

Tel: 0828557750

Tai Aerospace Corporation

Tai Aerospace Corporation designs and manufactures agricultural drones for autonomous crop spraying and precision agriculture.

Tel: 079 829 3725/ 073 034 4685

Tando 3D (Pty) Ltd

Tando 3D designs and manufactures novel 3D printers.

Tel: 083 500 8477

Tem Electronics (Pty) Ltd

Tem Electronics has developed an automation of household electronics (client will be able to switch on or off their home appliances remotely), also manufacturing USP lights incases when electricity goes down and key finding key-holder.

Tel: 083 244 4532/ 061 247 0458

TR Innovations (Pty) Ltd

TR Innovations designs and manufactures high pressure regulators and flow meters with advance performance, safety and reliability.

Tel: 081 500 8260

Ubambolwenthu Cooperative

Ubambolwenthu designs and manufactures reusable and foldable vending stalls. The stalls offer safety to the products sold and protection from harsh weather conditions

Tel: 0728619809

UltrAfrica (Pty) Ltd

UltrAfrica has developed an indoor and outdoor navigation to visually and physically impaired personnel

Tel: 079 600 8538

Vardosource Pion Capital

Pion Capital is developing an electronic SME Financing procurement platform which competes with paper-based products such as factoring. The latter present operating risk to funders as the paper-based management of invoices is cumbersome. It can also result in fraud and errors. This platform is a game changer on invoice management and supply chain process of companies.

Tel: 083 645 4782

Waitron (PTY) LTD TA FFdesign

Waitron has designed a multipurpose electrical plug which allows the storage of power for charging devices when there is no electricity and also offers sidewalk lighting.

Tel: 081 751 2357 | 073 288 1688 | 012 347 1428

We are Africa Capital (Pty) Ltd

We Are Africa has developed a Viibe Events app which is an event listing and ticketing app that is focused on all Africans looking for events around their areas.

Tel: 078 391 5939

Wipo Wireless Power

Wipo Wireless Power imports a technology which wirelessly charges various devices and offers the user the convenience of charging anywhere.

Tel: 082 319 1495

YBOT Technologies (Pty) Ltd

YBOT Technologies has developed an app for users who want to keep track of the macro-nutrients on food prior to purchase

Tel: 073 140 7122

Your Pregnancy Journey (Pty Ltd

A pregnancy app for pregnant moms and expecting dads in Africa to keep them informed of relevant information.

Tel: 083 528 8043

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